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Get Paid

You’ve worked hard for your money and you want to be paid. You may love your job. But whether you write, design websites or fix pipes, we all have to eat. My new book ‘Get Paid’ is about getting the money which is owed to you without spending thousands in lawyer fees. It provides a guide to the small-claims recovery procedure as it operates in the UK, showing you what works and what doesn’t. So you won’t be throwing good money after bad. See it on Amazon. Link provided. Thank you. V. Charles Ward

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Pass Your Exam, Get That Job and Build a Career – Re-launched

Pass Your Exam - High Resolution[22430]Hi, I’ve used the lockdown to re-launch this book with a new front cover (attached). This one’s ‘the business’. Are you in the picture? This book provides everything you need to know about passing that critical professional examination and getting the job you really want. I know – because I worked as a CILEX examiner for more than 20 years setting and marking law exams. I’ve also sat at both sides of the interview-table for more times than I can remember. Thirty years ago a recruitment consultant shook his head and said that my resume was ‘too long in the tooth’. But that didn’t stop me moving on to some top public companies and firms. So you won’t find better. It’ll tell you what to wear, what to say and how you should conduct yourself at interview. And another thing, ‘What is the most tactful way to ask for a pay rise?’ If you don’t ask – you won’t get. But if you ask in the wrong way your relationship with your employer will never be the same. Again, this book will show you how. It could be the best investment you’ll ever make. See it on Amazon.