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When Neighbours Go to Law

More than 90% of contested cases settle before they get to trial. But the impossible cases to settle are the neighbour disputes where the parties hate each other so much that they can’t even speak. In 2012 John Edwards and Mary Kendrick had to pay out tens of thousands of pounds to cover the costs of neighbours Stephen and Barbara Evans after they wrongly took down the Evans’ new fence, which they said was sited in the wrong place. But the prize goes to Belgravia residents Hameed and Imran Faidi whom in 2009 incurred a £140,000 legal bill after pursuing to the Court of Appeal their complaint that they were disturbed by the sound of high heels tap tap tapping on the £100,000 oak floor of the upstairs flat …..

Extracted from Legal Profession Is it for you? (V. Charles Ward)


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