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Fire Safety Law

My book, ‘Fire Safety Law’, which is published through Taylor and Francis, is about to go to print.  It will go live at the end of this month when it will be available for pre-order, and I will be able to provide you with a link and discount-code.  In the meantime, I am pleased to enclose a cover-pick.

The challenge in writing this book was to produce something which is sufficiently up to date, even when new legal developments come on stream almost on a daily basis.  Even during the final sub-editing and proofreading stages, new developments, such as the Fire Safety Regulations 2022 were being published.  In the end we got there: even though the fire safety law itself is still a work-in-progress, and will be so for many years to come, as the new law settles in.

The idea came out of the Part 1 Grenfell inquiry recommendations, which has since translated into legislation.

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V. Charles Ward

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Liz Truss and the Royals

Dear Liz Truss,

Why do you now regret having voted ‘remain’ in the 2016 referendum and, as a student, to abolish the monarchy?  Both are legitimate points of view with which many millions of people agree.  And so what if you were President of the Oxford Liberal Democrats?  It just means that you’ve lived a life outside of the Conservative Party.  What’s wrong with that?

Like you, and like nearly half of everyone who voted in the referendum, I also voted ‘remain’.  Neither of us are to blame for the thousands of lorries now parked up at Dover terminal.  Unlike many reformed ‘leave’ voters, I will never regret the way I voted for as long as I live.

And like you, I have never fawned over the Royals.  As I am not in a leadership contest, I’ve never had to pretend.  I’m not anti-royal.  I’m just pragmatic.  If having a royal family helps support the UK tourist industry, I’m all for keeping them.  Keep waving the flag.

Say what you’ve got to say to win the Tory leadership contest.  But after that, ‘come out’ and be yourself.  Only by being who you are can you hope to win over the electorate.


New Weights and Measures Book

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As a ‘remainer’ and as someone who attended the ‘people’s vote’ march in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday 20 October 2018, I am an unlikely person to be writing a book about imperial weights and measures. 

Whilst I welcomed the freedom of movement across international boundaries that Britain’s former membership of the EU offered, I was never so enthused about the mandating away of our traditional system of weights and measures.  For me, it seemed so unnecessary.  There is nothing ‘anti-Europe’ about feet and inches.  Our historic system of weights and measures is just as much part of our heritage as the many languages, accents, dialects, and cultures which each of us encounters on a daily basis and which give colour to our lives.  So why should its use be criminalised?

I also admit to being one of that small handful of people who actually welcome the government’s current consultation on allowing traditional measurements in the sale of loose goods.  What is there to be frightened of?  The proposal is harmless.  No one is going to be forced to buy their petrol in gallons instead of litres.  If you’ve heard of imperial measurements but have never been educated in their use, my book, ‘British Imperial and U.S. Customary Measurements Explained’, will tell you everything you need to know.  Please see the enclosed link and check it out.  It’s a tiny book at an even tinier price.  It does not bang any drum.  It is purely informative.  And topical.  And entertaining. And it’s packed with amazing facts and figures.  Like the connection between a medieval King and how you buy your shoes today.  So far as I’m aware, there is nothing else on the market quite like it. Enjoy! V. Charles ward.

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Rail Strikes

Back in the 1970’s I gave up a west-end job because the trains kept going on strike and have regretted it ever since. Not any more. I’ll simply log on to my computer and get on with my work. So who are the rail unions trying to hold to ransom? Not me. Hardest hit will be the key workers who will lose wages because they can’t get to their jobs.