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Can there be anything less sexy than a book on burial and crematorium law? But that has not stopped Essential Law for Burial and Crematorium Managers from being flagged as Amazon’s No 1 best selling business law book. Is that worldwide? See for yourself.



Essential Law for Cemetery and Crematorium Managers – an ICCM Publication

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The ICCM is pleased to announce the publication of an important new book on the law relating to cemeteries and crematoria.

‘Essential Law for Cemetery and Crematorium Managers’, published 3 June, 2021, is written for anyone involved in the management of a cemetery or crematorium in England or Wales, whether public, private or not-for-profit.

Commissioned by the ICCM and authored by its company solicitor, V. Charles Ward, the 245 page ‘Essential Law’ is the first authoritative book on burial and cremation law since Davies Law of Burial, Cremation and Exhumation (7th Edition) last appeared in 2002.  But even if the 8th edition of Davies appeared tomorrow, there is still arguably room for another authoritative book on the subject, which puts academic law into a practical context.  Burial and cremation law does not exist in isolation but is part of the wider legal framework which governs all business activity in England and Wales.

There is never a ‘right time’ for publishing a new book on burial and cremation law.  Certainly not when the Law Commission has announced a comprehensive review of burial and cremation law.  Though as yet we have no indication as to when that Law Commission review is likely to be published and how long afterwards it will be before any of its recommendations translate into law.  In the meantime something is needed to fill the gap.

Since the last 2002 edition of Davies, burial and cremation law has moved on.  There are the 2008 Cremation Regulations. There are new rules allowing re-use of grave-space within London municipal cemeteries.  There is the 2009 Coroners and Justice Act.  There are medical examiners.  There are the 2019 death notification regulations.  And there is the case-law.

Subjects covered in ‘Essential Law’ include: the Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977 (LACO); Victorian burial statutes which are still relevant today; cremation legislation; grants and transfers of burial and cremation rights; registration of deaths; cemetery regulations and byelaws; data protection; procurement of cemetery and crematorium services; competition law; land-issues; faith and equality issues; recent case-law; exhumation; cemetery closure; redevelopment of disused burial grounds.  Amongst its appendices are specimen grave and memorial grants and assignments; model cemetery regulations and byelaws; and an example of a business plan.

Essential law can be purchased online for £39.00 as a paperback or £9.99 for the kindle version.

You can purchase the paperback version of Essential Law for Cemetery and Crematorium Managers here.

You can purchase the Kindle version of Essential Law for Cemetery and Crematorium Managers here.



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Positive Reviews for Corona Book

I had all but given up on my book ‘Coronavirus: Keeping Business Open’.  On the day it was published, Boris Johnson announced his November 2020 a circuit breaker lockdown.  Since then coronavirus legislation has swung to and fro, with repeated lockdowns and easings of lockdowns. But this morning I was encouraged to see some very positive Amazon reviews of my book.  So maybe it has touched a nerve.  Maybe there is a place for a covid book which does not buy into the pseudo-science which has destroyed so many livelihoods and blighted the hopes of a whole generation.  The vaccine roll out has been a success.  Everything else: a disaster.