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Our mission is to provide a user-friendly legal resource for building managers, leaseholders, landlords, law students, small business people, and freelancers. It’s about making the law accessible. But we don’t just write about the law. We write about anything that interests us. Our work includes ‘Memory of Beheram’, a personal memoir set in India, Pakistan and London in the years following partition. We also have a page of Persian recipes celebrating the cooking of Mumbai’s Parsee community. If you are a high-rise residential leaseholder worried about the cost of replacing dangerous cladding, take a look at our fire-safety law rolling update. In this page we have provided you with access to our bookshop. Some of the books we have produced directly through Amazon. Two of the books are published through international publishers Taylor and Francis. Essential Law was commissioned by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. Within these pages you will learn:

  • How to get into the World’s most exciting profession (we’re not talking about flying a space shuttle).
  • How to get paid – if you are a freelancer.
  • How to protect yourself against cladding replacement costs (if you are a high-rise leaseholder).
  • The roots of Britain’s housing crisis.
  • To understand Britain’s historic system of weights and measures (something which has not been taught in UK schools for more than half a century).

Here is some feedback received 24th January 2023 from Jamie Lennox, Editor of Today’s Conveyancer

“Dear Viv,

I hope you’re well. Just wanted to drop you a note regarding your recently published piece on Leaseholder Deeds of Certificate. It’s been incredibly popular with our readership: the data shows it’s been read more than any other piece over the last 7 days, and we’ve heard it’s been shared on social media and Rob Hailstone’s Bold Legal Forum too. Thus, a big thank you is in order from me!

I think it’s particularly relevant with the current discourse surrounding the ever-increasing complexity of conveyancing… I’ve heard one conveyancer suggest a separate law degree is required for the BSA 2022 alone! With climate change guidance just around the corner from the Law Soc, I imagine a similar conversation will take place.

Should you want to follow up this piece with any more guidance/best practice, we’d bite your hand off. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you

Jamie Lennox”


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You’ve worked hard for your money and you want to be paid. This book provides everything you need to use the small claims court to recover what is owed to you. Don’t let them get away.

Published in conjunction with the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management


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