Is it possible to write a non-fiction book in a month and get it out to publication?  Yes-if you are able to write without interruption.  A little longer if you are also trying to hold down a day-job.  But not that much longer. It’s about making the best use of free-to-use technology to triple your writing output. Not just for books.  Also business-reports; magazine-articles; newsletters; treatises.  Just as if you had your own personal Secretary. But without the cost. It will also show you how to get published. It will also show you how to get writing-ideas from everyday situations and how to pitch those ideas to editors.




Positive Reviews for Corona Book

I had all but given up on my book ‘Coronavirus: Keeping Business Open’.  On the day it was published, Boris Johnson announced his November 2020 a circuit breaker lockdown.  Since then coronavirus legislation has swung to and fro, with repeated lockdowns and easings of lockdowns. But this morning I was encouraged to see some very positive Amazon reviews of my book.  So maybe it has touched a nerve.  Maybe there is a place for a covid book which does not buy into the pseudo-science which has destroyed so many livelihoods and blighted the hopes of a whole generation.  The vaccine roll out has been a success.  Everything else: a disaster.