Whatever Happened to Melody?

With so much controversy over this year’s ‘Last Night at the Proms’, it is easy to forget that there will be many other promenade concerts taking place which we never hear about. last year I went with my son, Andrew, to one of those concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a good evening. I enjoyed the Tchaikovsky. But it was the ‘specially commissioned’ piece which I could not get into. It was just too abstract. Whatever happened to melody?


Enfranchisement and Corporate Landlords

I am pleased to enclose a link to my recently published piece in Local Government Lawyer. Although written for local government, the content will be of use to any corporate landlord within the UK, including housing associations and other social housing providers. Please take a look.



Can you See the Parrot?

It’s there. But it’s tiny and it’s green. Maybe more than one. But you may need a magnifying glass to see it. Yes – we have parrots in West London. How they survive our winters I’ll never know. It’s said that many years ago some escaped from their owner and multiplied. Now there’s thousands of them. But if they’re difficult to see, they’re even more difficult to photograph. They fly overhead like a thunderbolt. By the time I’ve reached for my camera, they’re gone. They always stay up high. Parrots! I love you.