A Chance Meeting

When I first met Farida more than 30 years ago I hadn’t even heard even heard the word ‘Zoroastrian’. I’d heard of Parsees but knew nothing about them.

Farida explained that it was the ancient monotheistic religion of Persia. As I got to know her, Farida told me more about her life. So different from my own life.

I’d never travelled by Jeep through the Khyber Pass. Or eaten kulfi in Kabul market. Or lived in a palace. Or experienced a rooftop séance. Or been a guest of Saudi royals. Or been seen in a Carry On film. Or worked as a cocktail bunny. Neither had I sought escape from a controlling family. Or survived marriage to a violent man. But Farida had done everything. So I asked her to put it on tape.

Those tape cassettes remained hidden for 25 years and survived a house-move. Then five years ago I found them and typed them up. Why let a good story go to waste. Chas.