Lineker Spat

One thing which the ongoing spat between Gary Lineker and the BBC has proved is that televised football can still be entertaining without the commentary and the chitchat.  If it is on the screen in front of us, why do we need someone to talk us through it? And then tell us what we have already seen?  Recently, Match of the Day had seemed more about the presenters than the football which is being shown.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think Lineker is a great football presenter.  He’s someone who is at the top of his game.  He’s easy to watch.  Engaging.  Knows his stuff.  And very likeable.  But at an annual cost of £1.3 million?  And what about the rest?

Speaking for myself, I’m over the Moon watching back-to-back football without interruptions for pundit opinion.  It’s fast-moving and packs so much more in than the tired old film-footage/pundit format which has existed since the days of radio.  So, let’s try something new.

Own Goal

If Lineker’s co-presenters have proved anything, it’s that televised football can exist without them.  And think of the savings. Let’s hope that the Match of the Day producers can hold their nerve and work with the new format. It’s so much better.