College Closed? Don’t Let it Stop Learning

The fact that your college is locked down for covid need not stop you learning.  In fact whilst your classmates are asleep or watching TV, why don’t you use the time to give yourself that head start? But it demands a high degree of self-motivation and perseverance. 

Your best friend is now the Internet.  Even if the schools and libraries are closed, a quick google-search will get you the information you need.  Even before the covid pandemic, things were moving away from traditional face-to-face learning.  All that the coronavirus has done is to force the pace. 

Even when the pandemic is passed into history, things will never be quite the same.  Why should it?  Why would anyone swap the convenience of home-working for a stuffy office and the rush hour commute.  What has made it possible is technological advance. In particular the development of online meeting, with the likes of Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Focus on what you want to achieve

Yes I know it sounds clichéd.  But to achieve anything, you need a defined goal.  That goal may be a particular qualification which will propel you into the next step along your chosen career path.  So decide what it is.  Then plan out of what you need to do to get that qualification.  As a starting point, obtain a copy of the relevant examination syllabus.  This will show you exactly what you need to study to meet the examination standards.  Then get copies of past examination papers and test-yourself against them under examination conditions until you feel comfortable with the examination.

Structure your day

It means getting up at the same time and getting dressed exactly as if you were going to attend college.  Decide on what time you’re going to start your first lesson, what time you have set aside for lunch-break, and when you will finish for the day.  And keep to it.  In other words, behave in exactly the same way as if you were attending college in person.

Sets daily targets

Plan in advance what you want to achieve each day in terms of learning-outcomes.  Keep to it.

Find a good place to do your work

With public libraries closed for covid as well as college campuses, finding a peaceful place to work can sometimes be difficult.  Trying to learn at the kitchen table is far from ideal if you are constantly interrupted.  So if you can’t find anything else, consider renting co-working space in which to do your studies.  It could be a lot cheaper than you think. Perhaps as little as £6.00 a day if you rent by the month.  Far cheaper than what you may pay the local council just to park your car.  Check out Regus.  They have centres all over the world which will meet your budget. 

V. Charles Ward

Solicitor and Legal Writer

3rd January 2021