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Liz Truss and the Royals

Dear Liz Truss,

Why do you now regret having voted ‘remain’ in the 2016 referendum and, as a student, to abolish the monarchy?  Both are legitimate points of view with which many millions of people agree.  And so what if you were President of the Oxford Liberal Democrats?  It just means that you’ve lived a life outside of the Conservative Party.  What’s wrong with that?

Like you, and like nearly half of everyone who voted in the referendum, I also voted ‘remain’.  Neither of us are to blame for the thousands of lorries now parked up at Dover terminal.  Unlike many reformed ‘leave’ voters, I will never regret the way I voted for as long as I live.

And like you, I have never fawned over the Royals.  As I am not in a leadership contest, I’ve never had to pretend.  I’m not anti-royal.  I’m just pragmatic.  If having a royal family helps support the UK tourist industry, I’m all for keeping them.  Keep waving the flag.

Say what you’ve got to say to win the Tory leadership contest.  But after that, ‘come out’ and be yourself.  Only by being who you are can you hope to win over the electorate.

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