Covid Law for Hospitality and Small Business

When the UK government lifted the remaining covid restrictions last July, I thought that no-one would have any further use for my November 2020 book ‘Coronavirus: Keeping Business Open’, and I withdrew it from publication. But it seems that we are now back on the same crazy merry-go-round with a new variant and talk of a new circuit-breaker lockdown. This is in spite of the fact that most of the UK population is now fully vaccinated and there is no hard evidence that the new variant is any more dangerous than a heavy cold. So what is this new fear which is being peddled?

It’s why I’ll be dusting off the covers of my 2020 book and updating it with the latest regulations. I’ll also be giving it a new title, ‘Covid Law for Hospitality and Small Business’.

Just one other difference: the new book will be delivered absolutely FREE to anyone who requests it. Because I don’t want anyone to be fooled. No obligation. No catches. It’ll be delivered as a pdf to your nominated email address. Please look out for further details. Thank you.

V.Charles Ward

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