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A Doctor’s One Word Diagnosis

My doctor took only one minute to diagnose my problem. He expressed it in only one word, ‘Stress’. Too ……. right I was stressed. I was stressed because I couldn’t … .. ..

“Which was why I came to see you doctor.”

It’s also why in my book, ‘Erectile Dysfunction: Finding What’s Right for You’, I’ve tried to use humour to drive home the message that there are now effective treatments for a condition which affects more than 10% of men worldwide. I know, I’ve been through it. No-one should suffer break up of a relationship because of a medical problem. Today no-one has to. We are the world’s biggest minority. Next year we’re organising a ‘Pride’ march.

And by the way. Did you know that Atkins didn’t invent the Atkins Diet? It was King Henry VIII. Henry ate a gut busting 5000 daily calorie intake of meat and poultry. Only peasants ate vegetables. But for most of his life, Henry was not the obese mini-skirted tyrant we see in paintings. He was a slim 6’2″. The ladies loved him.

England’s history changed when Henry fell off his horse in a jousting accident and became immobile. His waistline ballooned to an eye watering 56″. Was it the impotence which came with such overweight the reason why 5th wife Catherine Howard took lovers and eventually lost her head? Just a thought.

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